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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:16:46 EST

>> The story is I've been drawing pretty much ALL the characters
>>"Children of the Stone" except her, and it's getting a bit

>Yeah, my friend Courtney agrees with you. For the past few months
she's been
>bugging me to print out some pictures of both Chance and T-Bone so
she can
>improve her drawings of him. She's pretty much a pro at Jake. (Why
not? He's
>our favorite character!)

He IS the easiest to draw--he's got those 'classic' sideburns you see
on a LOT of
cartoon characters, especially H-B.

>> I need your reactions to the original. I made a lot of character

>>changes in "Children . . ." and I want to know if anyone agrees
>>and what they'd like to see more of.

>I really liked the story, though I'm not sure I liked the mergeing
>Chance and Felina and their gargolye counterparts. (Sorry, can't

Charon and Dathena. You'll get used to it. The thing is I couldn't
figure out what to do with Chance, to make his character more
interesting, and
I think gargoyles are just AWESOME. I actually took me a while to get
the idea
to do it to Felina too. I can understand if it's pretty hard to
visualize it, so I've
going to work on getting access to a scanner to get my drawings up.
BTW, I know
this isn't in the story because I didn't have time to change it
before I turned
it in, but Felina is a gray gargoyle at night. I just thought that
worked better.

<stuff snipped about the Pastmaster>

>Actually, I liked what you did to him in "Children." But I was kinda

>surprised that you made him Saruaman the White from (lemme guess) J.
>Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. (And yes, even though I do seem kinda
>at times, I have read all of his works concerning Middle Earth.) But
>something wrong with making him Saruaman. He was killed by
Wormtongue at the
>end of Return of the King, remember?

Of course. Sauraman the Pastmaster is dead--didn't you know that? In
terms, death isn't the end of living. You can get along just fine in
the right position.
After his death, Sauraman the White was picked up by the Isatari and

I haven't read ALL the works, but I read The Hobbit and Lord of the

>> Also,
>>working real hard on building the Abi/Jake and Chance/Felina
>>but I'm trying to take it slow so I won't overwhelm th reader by
>>throwing all
>>this romance they've never seen before in their face.

>Yeah, go slow. I have a little bit of romantic tension in my current
>project--and if I ever finish it, I hope it doesn't leave everyone
all confused.

Actually, Abi and Jake just kind of "like each other" until well into
sequel. Same with Felina and Chance. One thing all writers should
watch out
for: NO SEX. Don't stick it in. At least not until you've built up
the relationship
over several stories and several hundred kilobytes. An unamed SK
author . . . all right it was B-KO . . . didn't follow these
restrictions and . . .
well . . .

>Well, I've already figured out you used Frith from Watership Down,
and I'm
>pretty sure Saruaman was from the Lord of the Rings . . . can I use
some of
>your ideas? (Right now, floating in the back of my mind is a sorta
>cross-over idea between WD and SK. And cross-overs for all sortsa

If you want to right a WD/SK crossover go ahead, I'm not Richard
but I'm not quite sure how you're going to mix two kat pilots with a
of rabbits.
  As as far as using Lopine and Lopineneans goes, I'm going to have
to say
no. There's more to Lopine in the stories that I've built it up to
than you can
ever imagine. I am willing, if you'd really like to learn, to e-mail
and tell you all kinds of neat info and background. If you REALLY
want it in
your stories, however, then I'm going to have to clear and revise
everything you
write. Wanna discuss it?

                                   Dr. Jake


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