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From: Razor <razor_at_rat.org>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 01:46:20 -0800

Unable to make time to visit (due to running around and joining yet another
mailing list comprised of some of my high school alumni) I haven't been
able to do much other than just glance at the most recent digest. But here
are a few comments on some of its material:

The SWAT Cats Sci-Fi Channel page: I checked it out and am personally
nonplussed with it, especially given that it's only got one posting and no
responses. I don't think it's really worth adding a link to it, so I'm not
going to to do it from any of the Kats' pages on rat.org or my personal web
page on venom.st.hmc.edu. If you want to link to it from any of your own
web pages, feel free to do so. But I won't do it from any of mine.

Max's SK site: "www.megakat.com" works (perhaps "www.megakat.gov" might be
better, tho it could get us in trouble with the government ;-), but somehow
I'd like to see something like "www.pumadyne.com," if it hasn't already
been taken. Rat.org was at one time aliased to pumadyne, and in fact I
have it aliased on my bookmarks as pumadyne (although the actual site is

Disappearing Kats: Checked out a Kay Bee in Glendale yesterday and saw two
Dark Kat figurines, each selling for something like $6.99 (down from $8.99
when I first saw 'em at the store). The two figures were the only ones in
the store, so I suspect the store may be clearing out the merchandise. And
no, please don't ask me to get the figures for you because the store I saw
them in was a good 45 minute to an hour drive from my place, so I don't
plan on going back there any time soon.

I'll comment on the other digests when I've got time. Until then...

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