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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 20:29:44 +0700

>The SWAT Cats Sci-Fi Channel page: I checked it out and am personally
>nonplussed with it, especially given that it's only got one posting and no

Why don't we post one there?

>I don't think it's really worth adding a link to it, so I'm not
>going to to do it from any of the Kats' pages on or my personal web
>page on If you want to link to it from any of your own
>web pages, feel free to do so. But I won't do it from any of mine.

What is this "link" that everyone is talking about?

>Max's SK site: "" works (perhaps "" might be
>better, tho it could get us in trouble with the government ;-),

Well, judging on how Manx run the city, I think that "" is just perfect.

>I'll comment on the other digests when I've got time. Until then...
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