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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 23:52:19 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Dana Uehara wrote:

> Just got a call from Mark Lungo (the author of the "Animato!"
> earlier today. He told me he found a few SK figurines in a local
> K-Mart, so apparently the suggestion I put in the FAQ still holds.
> <grin>

Well, Dana beat me to the punch too!
Incidentally, Mark lives in the Cleveland, OH area. Depending on
how the toys are being distributed, you may want to take this into

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Andy Hill wrote:

>Here's one I may take on, but maybe someone in the area can beat
>me to it. K-Mart's head office is in Troy, Michigan. This is
>likely the only place to get an actual list of what stores have
>what - the local stores (well, 121 miles for me) don't really have
>a single clue to split between them.

I'll see if I can find anything out from them (since I live in MI).
 Although, I'm not sure if the Headquarters actually orders the
stuff for individual regions. The store I used to work at was the
regional office headquarters and a lot of stuff was processed
through us instead of main HQ.


Oh yeah! Animato! finally showed up at my local bookseller
(Borders). I have to say Mark wrote an excellent article! Pick
this one up if you can!
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