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From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 95 10:19:21 CDT

Just curious, is Remco in the southwest?? Three of the ladies I spoke with
were Mexican (in sound) and very hard to understand, and that may have
been were the problem lied in my questions concerning the Kat toys.

The call!!!!
Well, the call back when over like a lead balloon.
I got tossed around through about 4 people, only to get
sent back to the original person who answered the phone.
(Not the same lady as the first time I called)
All I was told is that "we haven't started to ship that item yet"
I asked "Do you have a shipping date set"
answer "No, I am not the one to answer that, and he isn't in today,"
I respond "CAn you tell me when the gentleman will be in, and who to
ask for??"
Answer "No, he isn't in my area."

Yes, just about that quick. I got the feel I was being shoved off on
a service rep. who really didn't have a clue or sent off on the phone
line run around off into the company somewhere.

Sorry all, if anyone else cares to try, best of luck. I found that the
first time, the phone rang only twice, and I got the receptionist.
The second time it rang 6-8 times and I got the run around. May be worth
a call back to try for a 2 ring answer later.

Striking out,
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