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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:43:42 +0700

>>Anyone else have any fanfic? Haven't seen anything new in a good
>>2 months.
>> Dr. Jake
>I'm currently working on one. (No name for it yet)

Lt. Feral, long time no see, the last time I see you is in IRC. Speaking of
IRC, does anybody here visit the IRC anymore? Oh yeah Lt, have you register
yourself to the TurboKat Bot?

BTW Lt, about the title for your story, lets discuss the title here. After
all, A.J. once ask us about the name for his story.

>I hope to be finished
>soon, but I've got so much stuff to do, I have no idea when I'll finish it.

Neither do I with my fanfic.

>Melissa "Anne Phibian" Anne

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