Re: Kat-things

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 17:43:00 PST

>>Of course, Kat age is a relative thing (we
>>don't know what the average lifespan of a Kat is, for example; tho judging
>>by all of the destruction that takes place in the city it probably isn't
>>very high ;-).

>Hmmm, kats mortality rate... I always wonder if the kats family is a big
>family or a small family, since that cats have a lots of kittens so that
>there will always be a descendant to continue their family line.

Seems like they live a pretty long time to me.. "Pops" who appeared in the
beginning of "Bright & Shiny Future" was already up there in age -- he'd
known Chance since he was little. Later on in the (pretty far off) future,
we saw Pops again - almost unchanged.


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