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>A couple of miscellaneous Kat-things here:
>Saw "Razor's Edge" on the Cartoon Network today and noticed something -- is
>it just me, or does Megakat City have a very lax building code? It appears
>that just about anything can destroy the walls of buildings, even by simply
>slamming someone hard against a wall.

Er, Manx is the mayor, isn't he?

BTW, what will happen if a runaway rocket crashing to all the building?

>On the subject of teenage Kats: in "When Strikes Mutilor" you see what
>would probably be the closest to teenage Kats (or at least college-age
>ones) at Megakat State Beach.

I think that they were college kids, probaly about the same age as Jake and
Chance, but a little bit younger than Jake and Chance.

>Of course, Kat age is a relative thing (we
>don't know what the average lifespan of a Kat is, for example; tho judging
>by all of the destruction that takes place in the city it probably isn't
>very high ;-).

Hmmm, kats mortality rate... I always wonder if the kats family is a big
family or a small family, since that cats have a lots of kittens so that
there will always be a descendant to continue their family line.

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