Re: Jumping, running, and hitting.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 23:23:51 +0700

>>Callie do that in "Katastrophe"? COOL!!!! I know that she can really do
>>that, I got to see this episode.
>No, sorry to burst your bubble, but she did that in one of the Dark Kat
>episodes, not "Katastrophe." (I can *NEVER* get the Dark Kat episodes
>straight!! :p)

I haven't watch "Katastrophe", so I didn't know a lot of thing that happen
on "Katastrophe".

>The one where Dark Kat and Hard Drive steal the Turbokat. I
>*think* it was the other one, _*NOT*_ "Night of the Dark Kat".

Dark Kat appears on these episodes below:

"The Wrath of Dark Kat" Dark Kat build a doomsday device.
"Razor's Edge" Dark Kat build a robotic spider.
"Night of Dark Kat" cann't comment on this, I haven't watch this.
"Katastrophe" cann't comment on this, I haven't watch this.

>Terra Chang,

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