RE: A stray Kat thought...

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 17:30:00 PST

>A couple of weeks or so there was a mini-TP (TinyPlot) on FurryMUCK where
>Razor gave Decker (another Kat looking somewhat like Razor, only with blue
>fur) "a little flea problem." (I'm sure Doc Conway and Simon Leet remember
>this incident fairly well.) <g> As a result, I've occasionally wondered
>if flea infestations/epidemics been a recurring problem in Megakat City.
>(If not, it'd be an interesting plot device, at least.)

heh. Sounds like an epidemic could be bad news for everykat, sans Dr. Viper
(does he have fur?)

I'd think that with all their advanced technology, they'd have figured out a
way to almost completely eliminate the problem. (Much like we have nearly
eliminated Small Pox.) Although, who knows.. This could be a great way for
Dr. Viper to get the upper claw. :)


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