Re: Kat Decency

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 20:34:05 -0800

> a modest Kat
>might desire to "cover up", but what if he felt otherwise? Would it be
>considered acceptable for him to stroll around MegaKat city unclothed?

>From personal experiance, uh, probably not, unless it's in a nuddist colony.

>most parts of the human world, it would not be (for a human, that is), and
>that attitude is reflected in our cartoons. The Swat Kats favoriate Kat
>cartoon character, though, generally wears nothing at all.
This is really a provoking thought. My recources say that the SWAT Kats ar
"Bi", but I think my scources for my resources are "Bi" so I don't know what
to beleive! Uh, mabye I'd better shut up here.

> Max

Did I say that my name was B-ko? No! I'm A-ko impersonating A-ko! Yeah! Get
mad at A-ko if you're gonna get mad! Uh........ bye
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