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From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 20:32:49 -0800

>Before anyone says "Say What?!" I'll explain what brought this on. I was
>going through video frames today to put some more online, and I ran accross
>one of Jake and Razor watching a cartoon with a nude Kat in it.(Before you
>ask, I don't know which show it was from) Now, nude Kats (or cats) are
>perfectly acceptable in cartoons in OUR world, but a cartoon with a nude
>human generally would not be. How does all this apply in to the Kats Universe?

Hmmm....there's that re-occurring kat-babe that seems ever-present in
closets etc. in the "Skaredy Kat" toons (usually handing ol' Skaredy a
Rocky & Bullwinkle-style bomb, if memory serves), but she has at least
some clothing on from what I recall. Still, I think I would spend the effort
to track down such a frame if it could be ballparked a bit closer. Actually,
what does Skaredy wear besides the occasional diving helmet and well-worn
Avery take? "Nothing" comes to mind, but I'll have to go look.

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