Re: Kats going off air?

From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 20:36:10 -0800

> You bring up an interesting point, and we will forward your letter to our
>Programming Department, as I'm sure they would be interested in reading your
>comments. Who knows? Perhaps they'll get to work on more cat programming.
> As for Speed Racer--it is true that he will be taking over the SWAT Kats
>timeslot, but unfortunately we don't yet have information on what the fate of
>the Kats will be.
> We don't know why the episodes shown here on Cartoon Network differ from
>those that were shown on TBS. We'll try to get an answer for you. If you
>write back toward the end of the week, hopefully we'll have the information

This is pretty good, huh? They used to take weeks to answer such things,
and now they seem to have settled on next-day service. I think I'll send
them the title and production number to the SKIQ thing in the hopes that
they'll call Tedco and track it down for airing in rotation with the other 23.

Yeah...fine idea. Done.

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