Re: Um...this 'forward' gets some extra comments...

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 20:58:11 -0800

>(Here's the forwarded part ">")
Wow! Here's your forwarded stuff. You see, the more ">"'s there are, the
more times It's been quoted, when sometimes not necesary (I myself used to
do this, of course, to an extreme.)

>>Due to a school Internet agreement, I cannot use My real name, so therefore,
>>I am now changing my name to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Sorry, but one of the
>>people in charge of making sure that nothing gets screwed up or that pervs
>>don't send us kiddie-porn-type-crud. Well, I am still trying to get Ted
>>Turner's <UUGGHH> E-Mail address.

Why uugghh? Getting his E-Mail address would be the best thing ever!

>> Also, I am doing something (nothing that
>>will get the Feds on my case) involving ToonNet_at_AOL.COM (Hah!!!! Have fun
>>trying to figure out what that will be!)

Don't worry, I'll make him spill it, then I'll tell (If I'm feeling
especially cruel, of course!).

>...and here's my pre-emptive editorial.


>Dude, represents the Cartoon Network. I've talked with the
>Cartoon Network - they're on our side -

Uh, huh, right! Well, mabye.....

> and would like nothing better than
>more katseps to run beyond the completed 24.

WAHT'S IT'S NAME????????????????

> Unfortunately, Turner is set up
>so that the slowest form of communication occurs horizontally, so Cartoon
>lines of communication to the rest of the Turner Empire are actually
*worse* than
>ours to the Turner Empire.

Well, who'se in charge of the corperation. What else would wou expect
(insert evil grin!).

> Scary, isn't it?

No, very hopefull! Mabye we can get closer than TCN (and yes, I DIDN'T knock
it [again])

> For instance, Cartoon Network started
>receiving a ton of katmail at that there "toonnet" address, and someone there
>started making enquiries of the Turner chain-of-command as to why such an
>obviously popular show was canned in favour of relative drivel. Turner
took a few
>days, then one of the suits in the heirarchy came up with "ratings". In
reality, the
>answer should've been "Pirates of Dark Water"; the same type of mismanagement
>was responsible for the clueless behaviour witnessed in either sorry
So you're saying, we're beginning to make a dent here? That's good. We
should all persist on this. Once it dies, who knows what might happen (more

>The labyrinth of the Turner organization is designed so that it's impossible to
>simply pick up the phone, dial someone in the Atlanta Pentagon, and actually
>get connected to someone willing to take responsibility for something. Many
>have tried both within and without.
Another reason America is so screwed up today. It's not teens, it's people
like Ted Making bad choices blaming it on the younger generation. Any comments?

> All of that can still be considered
>"positive", but adding juvenile internet parlor tricks to up the ante and
spam addresses
>setup for fan feedback is not acceptable behaviour, is utterly
counterproductive, and
>won't be cheered on the sidelines by any of the katfans I know.

You don't know me very well. Whatever works to a posative goal toward SWAT
Kats, you'll se me doing!

>Turner screwed up big with public-relations on this whole Kat-thing, but we
>need to press the big "down" button to descend to the same level, do we?

It dosn't matter to me. If I have to a level lower to reach what I want,
I'll do it. Remember, some people do get vicious when it comes to SWAT Kats
(or Anti-SWAT Kats mainly from my freinds [soon to be seen otherwise]).

Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley
SWAT Kats Extremist
Good thing you can't see me in person!!

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