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From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 19:56:02 -0800

Can't help myself, bear with me!

>> Hey, this is Jedi Master Wheeler. B-Ko just told me how to send
>>stuff to the list, and I was wondering if anyone had <UUGH> Ted Turner's
>>E-Mail addresse so I can send polite messages (yes, polite) to try to
>>convince him to put back the Kat Guys on the air.

If we had, Ted would have to spend hours downloading all the E-Mail messages
of polite E-mail from me. I'm sure everyone else would do the same. Try
anything that might be related with him. to

>>Also, I am trying to make
>>a QBasic demo program that will have the Turbokat (or at least, a close
>>looking thing) flying around and shooting the missiles at things and stuff
>>like that. So far, the plan is to do a wire-frame model, but I need full
>>color pics on paper of the TurboKat sent by snail-mail (I only have 4 colors
>>on graphics mode on my computer.) Also, Ryan is letting me write SW:
>>Battle 1 grey Side; Battle 2 Blue Side, and it isn't even past the beggining
>>of the story, you know, with just what's going on, and just to find out what
>>has been happening, and it's allready about 2-3 pages.

My name's B-ko! Sure hope you can make the QBasic file. Hey! Mabye I could
give you my Season Two QBasic Title Song to put with it. It's a bit off, but
mabye you can fix it, just keep the key the same, because that much is
correct (Even if the rest is too cheesy for words). You'd better get on that
story, I'd love to read the whole thing. I'm sure there's others here going
to do the same. I can't live on my imagination alone! (Not to pressure
anyone, or put anyone down, besides myself).

>>But, not to worry,

Well I am, so forget it!

>>it does have more than it's fair share on HUMOR!

Ha! Right. Talking about name brand products might get boring after a while,
unless there's more in there than that (But anything SWAT Kats is good in

>> I love writing this story,
>>but, I haven't had any time.

Yeah, you're too buisy being BORED! DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!!
Well....... SWAT Kats is priority one in my life, so me to talk. Sorry.

>> Also, AGAIN, I would like to read Terra's new
>>series (I can't remember the name, and I am not talking about 'Odd

That was dead a long time ago. I hope you finish it, Terra, as well as the
other few you're working on. The ones you started on, but havn't posted yet
sound cool! (Insert Ned, your loving accountant saying: SWAT Kat Fanfic is
Life! here)

>> so can you send it to
>>(I am doing all my main mail-checking at the schools computer, so I need to
>>get files at my home.)

You can ask someone personally to do that for you. I'd do that to everyone
who had this problem, but I don't have enough Hard Disk space (Half of it
and all Kats media, are on floppies!!). I would if I got another hard drive
bigger than 80Mb.

>> Well, I must be off!

Not off the list, I hope!

>> 'Do or do not--there is no try'
>> -Jedi Master Yoda

                  'I get what I want and what i want is a fight (to save the
SWAT Kats)'
                           - B-Ko Daitokuji

uuuuuuuuuuke with the two U's
                         (Anti Star Wars thing!)
Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley
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Good thing you can't see me in person!!

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