Re: A SWAT Kats' month?

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 19:55:58 -0800

At 10:01 PM 2/12/96 -0800, you wrote:
>> I was wondering if as a fan body, do we have a month, i.e. a SWAT Kats'
>>month? If not, I propose September since it is National Cat Health Month.
>Hey, it's also fall series debut month - perhaps a good omen? I'd tend to
>for "July" myself, partly because of the SwatKats calendar eternally transfixed
>on Miss July, and partly because the TCN marathon "SwatKats Month" was
>also July.
Hey, Why not Septemper AND July? More is always good. SWAT Kats needs the
extra fan pounding on Turner's Probably Senile (TPS), and just as much as
Turner Can't (be) Normal (TCN). E-Mailing Ted himself is better, though,
since it was probably the one who did it. Hey, Mabye it wasn't him,
considering all the confusion, Tedco might have stopped the series from
production by mistake. If this is true, then I didn't write "A Tribute to
Ted Turner by B-ko Daitokuji" Even though it is at the end of one of my
other fanfics!
Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley
SWAT Kats Extremist
Good thing you can't see me in person!!

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