Re: Um...this 'forward' gets some extra comments...

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 01:21:22 +0700

Admiral Thrawn wrote:
>>Due to a school Internet agreement, I cannot use My real name, so therefore,
>>I am now changing my name to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Admiral Thrawn, I heard great things that you have done to the empire, it's
too bad that you was betrayed and kill by your own personal body guard.

chance wrote:
>Turner screwed up big with public-relations on this whole Kat-thing, but
>we don't
>need to press the big "down" button to descend to the same level, do we?

Lets test that shall we. Prepare for Descend. :-)

>Anyway, horrible first message to welcome you to the list, but "welcome"

I remember my first message to the list. :-)

BTW Admiral Thrawn, I also welcome you to the "Kats" mailing list. :-)

Oh yeah everybody, what is your first SwatKats episode?

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