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From: Max Goof <max_at_maxie.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 00:17:40 -0500

Hi All! I just posted a couple of video clips, CHANCE and FURBALL to rat.org
in both Microsoft Video (.AVI) and QuickTime (.MOV) format. You can also
find them on ftp://ftp.maxie.com/SwatKats, and on the new web site (see below).

*Warning* on the Quicktime Versions - they are somewhat "Experimental". If
you have any trouble playing them on your system, please read the info on
them on my web site. The AVI's shouldn't cause anyone any trouble.

In case anyone is interested, while creating the QuickTime versions this
afternoon I came up the wild idea of sticking a few Kat pages on my server.
Too much spare time and lots of free disk space is a dangerous combination.. :-)

Probably the only thing interesting is The MegaKat City MoviePlex, a home
for these video clips, and future ones when I get around to creating them.

The URL of the site is http://www.maxie.com/SwatKats


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