Re: Deep-six the off-top replies please...

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:38:41 +0700

>>DJ CLAWSON wrote:
>>>Even David Doi, in my phone conversation with him, said those
>>>episodes simply weren't done well. So the season basically left a
>>>bad taste in my mouth. Also, seaQuest also sucked in its second
>Clell wrote:
>> Actually DJ, Seaquest sucked in it's first season. Bad science,
>>bad acting, horribly bad submarining.

I always curious on the kats technology of submarining, do MegaKat have a
"DSV"? that's "Deep Submergence Vehicle" (aka a vehicle that can go
underwater.) for you that haven't watch the show. I think that the TurboKat
can be consider as a "DSV" too (Remember "Mutation City"?).

chance wrote:
>C'mon guys, could we please watch replies like this? If it ain't on-topic,
>please go to e-mail. The original post is a comparison of the two shows -
>but the reply kinda belongs on a SeaQuest list, no? 'Nuff said.

Well chance, you should have seen the off topic messages on the Spaced
mailing list, when they go off the topic, they really go off the topic. Why
do I mention this thing on the kats list? Well, you should really see what
caused the off the topic messages at Spaced recently, the whole thing
started when somebody (That's me.) try to compare Voyager with a junk
(Well, it's sorta made out of junk.). Well, at least the junk can go over
Mach 5.

Ok, back to on the topic again. Somebody here said that we should have a
SWAT Kats month, my vote is also for July. But if you ask me, I think that
we should make everyday a "SWAT Kats" day. Of course the SwatKats day to me
is probaly on Saturday and Sunday.

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