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>"When Stikes Mutilor answers all of our kat air questions! yes, kats DO
>breathe oxygen, because after the come out of the water Mutilor trapped
>them in, Razor says, "Haven't you ever heard of oxygen masks?"

Well, is their "oxygen" is the same as ours?

BTW, how do they get out from the "water trap" anyway?

>Another article: Re: Origin of Dark Kat
>Secret Files say current wherabouts: Unknown

I think that all information about Dark Kat should be unknown, it's nice to
have a mysterious kat around.

>Another article: Re: Kat=Cat and origin of DK
>Another sci fi idea with humans and kats: To continue that virus theory,

Virus??? I've got only one thing to say, it's play time! :-) Ok everybody,
go to your own BattleMech pod and let the battle began. (Sorry DJ, but I
just cann't help my self. :-))

>maybe it only attacked humans, and humans found that cats are immune, so
>the did like a jurassic park bredding thing to make human cats, but to
>not confuse the two, they called human cats Kats.

Sound just like "Inherit the Earth". Of course in "Inherit the Earth", the
human race just mysteriously disappear (The reason on why humans disappear
form Earth was never known. And their reason on why making Animal as an
intelligent beings was never known too.). The problem with this theory
though, the must be some remains of human civilization on the kat planet
(In "Inherit the Earth" there is some ancient buildings that was created by
an ancient race that was called...humans.), and we haven't seen any sign of
human civilization on the kat planet (We should really give the kat planet
a name.).

Sci-Fi idea:
What if the kats were a genetic left over from an old civilization (aka
human civilization.)? just like ST:TNG "The Chase", where are an old
humanoid race (We can put human in this position.) was seeding humanoid
genetic code into other young planets in the galaxy (We can put the kat
planet in this position.).

>A.J. Freda

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