Re: Katmosphere

Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 20:50:46 -0500 (EST)

"When Stikes Mutilor answers all of our kat air questions! yes, kats DO
breathe oxygen, because after the come out of the water Mutilor trapped
them in, Razor says, "Haven't you ever heard of oxygen masks?"

Another article: RE: Origin of Dark Kat

Secret Files say current wherabouts: Unknown

Another article: Re: Kat=Cat and origin of DK

Another sci fi idea with humans and kats: To continue that virus theory,
maybe it only attacked humans, and humans found that cats are immune, so
the did like a jurassic park bredding thing to make human cats, but to
not confuse the two, they called human cats Kats.

A.J. Freda You want SWAT Kats sound clips, I'll make em! Soon coming to 16bit,44.1Khz, stereo
"Tails" on IRC SWAT Kat WAV files!!!! Ranging from 4-10Mb!

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