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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 20:32:45 -0800

On 2/9/96 at 9:00 PM, ARTHUR JOHN FREDA wrote:
>Another nitpicker guide thing: When they are chsing the red lynx near the
>end of that ep, when t-bone says: "Where'd he go?" his nose turns black.
>There's also a bug in Cry Turmoil, I think it's around where T-Bone is
>gonna kick Razor off the ship.

Coloring errors aren't anything new for the series. In "Bride of the
Pastmaster," for example, check out the scene just before Queen Callista
sends T-Bone and Razor back to their own time. T-Bone's nose is black,
while Razor's is brown

And speaking of "Bride...", Callista says in her incantation to "send these
Kats [T-Bone and Razor] back to modern times..." Wouldn't Megalith City be
"modern" to Callista? Maybe an incantation like "send these Kats back to
their own times" might have worked (and it would have been a perfect
syllabic substitute, too).

In other SK-related news, I received some email the other day from someone
trying to locate the SNES game. Neither this person nor I have had any
luck finding the game in the Toys R Us (or other electronics stores), tho I
haven't really been out hunting for the game. Anyone know what's up with

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