Re: Nitpicker's Guide to SWAT Kats

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 18:01:30 +0700

>A little while ago someone (forgot who, sorry!) said they should start
>"The Nitpickers Guide to SWAT Kats." Well, here's something that
>might go into that guide...
>Everyone in MegaKat city - Ann Gora, Mayor Manx, Commander and
>Lieutenant Feral, Calico Briggs - wears footwear. Boots, high heels,
>shoes, etc. Even Chance and Jake...

They all are domestic kats. Even Ulysses and Felina, although that Felina
look alike more of a house kat than a Feral kat.

>except when they're the SWAT Kats, then they run around bear-foot, er,
>pawed. Why is this? Br)

I think that they became an alley kat when ever they became the SwatKats,
and an alley kat is usualy doesn't wears any footwear (Have you ever see an
alley cat wear shoes?), since that I assume that an alley kat much prefer
to go bear-pawed than to wear shoes.

>And what happens if T-Bone or Razor is ticklish?

Well, does anybody here want to test that theory? :-)

>August Paul Yang is off to find a very large feather...

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