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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 01:21:13 +0700

>And speaking of "Bride...", Callista says in her incantation to "send these
>Kats [T-Bone and Razor] back to modern times..." Wouldn't Megalith City be
>"modern" to Callista?

I think that Callista is living in Medieval times.

BTW, why is that Callista aren't speaking ancient english?

>Maybe an incantation like "send these Kats back to
>their own times" might have worked (and it would have been a perfect
>syllabic substitute, too).

Actualy, I'm still wondering, how do she know the word "modern"? I don't
know much about english words and their origins (So I maybe wrong here.),
but it seem to me that "modern" isn't quite the sorta word that somebody in
the Dark Ages will use regulary.

>============== Dana Uehara ( ==============
>Also: Razor on FurryMUCK/FurToonia

I do have a question about "Unlikely Alloys", how do Zed got corupted by
the Metallikats criminal personalities? I know that Zed fix the
Metallikats, but do Zed really plug in to the Metallikats memory banks? Oh
yeah, when Greenbox merge with Zed, why is that they doesn't speak at the
same time? and why does Zed need to search for more information? isn't the
information from Mac already sufficient?

I think that there is some version of Zed:
Zed (Cute, nice, old Zed.)
Hover Zed (Zed with the Metallikats vehicle.)
Enforcer Zed (Zed with some Enforcer vehicles.)
Gigantic Zed (As tall as a Saturn 5 rocket. Well, assuming that Zed's
master control is in it's head..)
Gigantic Zed + Laser Satellite (There goes another landmark.)

Hmmm, I always wonder, what will happen if Zed assimilate a rocket? I think
that's gonna be cool, Zed goes up to orbit and try to target MegaKat city
from there. Of course since that the SwatKats is in there, I guess that it
isn't quite possible in "Unlikely Alloys".

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