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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 01:21:17 +0700

> Hey, this is Jedi Master Wheeler. B-Ko just told me how to send
>stuff to the list, and I was wondering if anyone had <UUGH> Ted Turner's
>E-Mail addresse so I can send polite messages (yes, polite) to try to
>convince him to put back the Kat Guys on the air.

Finding Ted Turner's e-mail address is like finding the house of a
particular kat. And believe me, it's gonna be hard.

>Also, I am trying to make
>a QBasic demo program that will have the Turbokat (or at least, a close
>looking thing) flying around and shooting the missiles at things and stuff
>like that.

Sound just like "Rescue" (A shareware game.). Of course in "Rescue" it was
the Enterprise-D firing Photon torpedos and Phaser, rescuing colonist from
an outpost that is gonna be attack by the Romulans, asking an alliance from
the Klingons and the Ferengi, meeting Q and going to the wormhole. Oh yeah,
don't forget the Borg (I fear that someday Zed will assimilate a Borg ship,
then after Zed do that, the assimilated Borg ship goes back to the Borg
homeworld and assimilate some more Borg ship.), they are your worst
nightmare when they have entered your sector and starting to attack both
the federation starbase and outpost. Why do I say this on this list? look
for some similarities and I think that you'll find some things that also in
the SwatKats universe.

>Also, Ryan is letting me write SW:
>Battle 1 grey Side; Battle 2 Blue Side, and it isn't even past the beggining
>of the story, you know, with just what's going on, and just to find out what
>has been happening, and it's already about 2-3 pages.

BTW, is the "SW" in "SW: Battle 1 grey side" stands for "Star Wars"?

>But, not to worry,
>it does have more than it's fair share on HUMOR! I love writing this story,
>but, I haven't had any time.

I love to write story too, and I have plenty of time, is the skill for
writing a story that I'm lacked off.

> Well, I must be off!
> See Ya',
> Jedi Master Wheeler

Edo Andromedo email :
"See ya starside!"

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