Re: SWAT Kats logo -> Red Triangles ?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:39:03 +0700

>I was told (and damn if I can remember by who) that the "Triangles" were
>originally supposed to be versions of the Kat-logo, but were rendered as
>"triangles" when the character models were simplified as the show went into
>production. I think I've got a couple of drawings from H-B somewheres that
>show what they were *supposed* to look like,

I just saw some of the art (Pictures) from the SNES game (I saw them from, and it seem that their logo is in the place of the red triangles
that we talk about recently, are this is the sketches that you mention?

>and any of us who've seen
>Christian Tremblay's "T-Bone" sketches will note that he still draws the
>flashes as Katlogos rather than the more familiar triangle-type-things.

Is Christian Tremblay's sketches was use as an art for the SNES game? (I
mean the cover of the game package, the manual page, and the title screen.)

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