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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:38:34 +0700

>>Andy wrote:
>>I'll ask the next time I talk to Mark. The Heavy Metal-style stuff in
>>the Kats probably wouldn't translate well to any tinnified PC Sound Card
>>that *I've* ever heard, but it's worth a shot.

Yeah, I guess that it's worth a shot, but then again, I don't use sound card.

Matt.W wrote:
>Yes, MIDI is probably not the best way to handle a guitar riff. Have you
>ever considered working with a MOD editor.

MOD? Er, Matt? you really misses the Amiga don't you?

>The quality is usually _much_
>better since you use actual digitized sounds rather than computer

I agree with Matt, I think that MOD is probaly a better alternative than
MIDI. Besides, you can put your SwatKats favorite sayings at the middle of
the song and the sound of the TurboKat as it whoosing by. Oh yeah, don't
forget the sound of a missile launching too.

>Matt Weber

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