Re: Movies = SWAT Kats?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:39:41 +0700

>On 2/16/96 at 4:24 PM, Kay Chang wrote:
>>(Like in "Goldeneye" Razor was bond, Callie was the girl, etc.)
>Hmm... "My name is Bond. Jake Bond." I *guess* it works. <grin>

Er, I thought you name was Clawson?? now your name is Bond?

>Speaking of antiques stores... a few weeks ago I visited a few antiques
>stores and found some really old toys (was tempted to play with 'em, but
>never did ;-). What's this got to do with the Kats? Well, simply put:
>maybe in a few years the Kat stuff will make its way there. (Hey, ya never

The question is the reason on why they are going to be in the antique
stores, are those kats stuff are going to be antique stuff (Collectibles
stuff.)? or is it that the kats stuff is going to be a very very rare
commodity (The last one on Earth.)?

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