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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:38:24 +0700

>>Ok, I just receive a calendar that contains pictures of kittens from my
>>aunt (She is a cat lover too) and I'm wondering. How do the SwatKats look
>>like when they just a little kitten?
>Kinda cute probably - but can you imagine Feral as a kitten? *Shudder*

I can, we probaly see a cute little kitten in the hand of a nice and caring
lady (That's his mother and Felina's grandmother.). Of course nobody will
know that the little kitten is really Feral.

BTW, speaking of Felina, can anybody imagine her as a little kitten? as an
8 year old perhaps? I know that I can.

>It's rather odd that we don't see a kid-kat younger than about five - even
>in the "Razor's Edge" hospital set where you'd figure the urge to draw a
>mewling kat-infant would be irresistible.

This is one of the missing years that I mention in this list before.

BTW, do the kats mother still lick their little kittens?

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