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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:38:08 +0700

Clell wrote:
>O.K. SWAT Kat fans, can anyone name ALL the SWAT Kats vehicles? Or
>ALL the weapons for the jet - Memory laps, I can't remember name of

The vehicles:
"TurboKat" is the SwatKats primary vehicle. And it's also a very
interesting craft.
"Cyclotron" is the SwatKats land vehicle. Unfortunately the SwatKats keep
having a bad vehicle day with this one.
"ThunderTruck" is the SwatKats land vehicle. It basicaly just a modified
towing truck.
Some sort of Jet Ski was used during "Mutation City".
"Sand Kat" is the SwatKats desert vehicle. It look like a Cyclotron, but
can be use on a sand enviroment.
"Hover Kat" is the SwatKats hover vehicle. It's a hover craft.

Cement Machine gun, shoot out cements.
Octopus Missile, form into an Octopus like shape a few seconds after it's
Match Head missile, this is intended for arsonist only.
I think I once saw a bomb that was used to extuingish a fire in "The
Metallikats", I think that that it was call "Hydro Bomb".
Scrambler Missile, it will short circuit all the eletrical functions of the
craft that has been hit by it.
Ground Hog Missile, the name says it all.
Mole Missile, it mimmick a mole (It dig a hole.). I think that there is two
version of the mole version.
Mega Volt Missile, it will electrify something.
Shredder Missile, it will shred something to pieces.
Slicer Missile, want to slice something?
Banshee Missile, it destroy the target by bombarding it with sonic waves.
Buzz Saw Missile, it will saw something. (And I mean saw as "a saw", not as
Cyclotron Missile, the Cyclotron is actualy a missile.
Mega Beam, this is some sort of beam, the device that fired the beam is
inside the TurboKat nose.
Pincer Missile, use this if you want to pinch something.
Plain Old missile, the old fashion way of blasting your target.

And of course there is the Glovatrix, that has has a lot of mini weapons
and gadgets in it:
Mini cement launcher.
Mini Scrambler missile.
Blow Torch.

Ok, that it's the best that I can think of right now. Anyone want to add
more to this list?

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