Re: Kittens...

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 96 17:20:00 PST

>It's rather odd that we don't see a kid-kat younger than about five - even
>in the "Razor's Edge" hospital set where you'd figure the urge to draw a
>mewling kat-infant would be irresistible.

>This is one of the missing years that I mention in this list before.

In "When Strikes Mutilor", there are 3 kat toddlers building a sand castle
on the beach when Mutilor's ship approaches. And, there was an infant shown
in the Red Lynx episode when Manx was at the hotdog cart. Also, in "Night
of the Dark Kat" (I think), it looks like a 7 year old asking his pop what
the SK were doing (when it was actually Hard Drive in the Turbokat).


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