Re: SWAT Kats logo -> Red Triangles ?

From: chance <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 20:35:24 -0800

Edo wrote:

>I just saw some of the art (Pictures) from the SNES game (I saw them from
>, and it seem that their logo is in the place of the red triangles
>that we talk about recently, are this is the sketches that you mention?

Hmm...maybe, but even those drawings were taken from elsewhere...

>Is Christian Tremblay's sketches was use as an art for the SNES game? (I
>mean the cover of the game package, the manual page, and the title screen.)

Yeah, there's two screens in the game where it either says "Razor" or "T-Bone"
as you choose your characters (and I think Brad Clark scanned each for the site) that come from Tremblay drawings found within this "Style Guide"
thing I got from (kinda from) H-B. Most of the other "stock" drawings like those
from the ads, posters, packaging etc can also be found in this thing as either
B&W line art or color panels. Still trying to break away from work to get a copy
made for scanning purposes so we can each download what we like from it.
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