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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 22:37:18 -0500

>I do that. Or I just stick them right in the story, alongside the
>characters, making
>jokes and dissing whatever seems odd in the movie or show. I call the
>who do this 'parodies.' For SWAT Kats, whenever I watch, Underdog is
>in my head.

I do that too, accept I just 'parody' myself (kinda like that Mystery Science
Theatre 2000 show, ad libbing when neccesary, and just making weird things
stand out. I even have a little piece of paper that goes on the bottom of my

> I saw some of Tuskedy Airmen (sp?) on HBO and I pretended it
>was Jake
>and Chance going through enforcer Academy. But most of the time I use

 I saw that movie too(The Tuskegee Airmen), but anyway... I just put the kat
characters into (my) real life situations (although it does kinda seem
strange to see myself walking down the hall next to Jake & Chance, or sitting
through a REALLY boring math class and wishing all the while that I could
borrow their Glov-a-Trix and...) :-)

Lt /
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