Re: Kittens.../and new fanfic

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 19:22:25 EST

>Sounds kinda like something Courtney does. Whenever she sees a new
>she visualizes her current favorite T.V. show characters as the
stars. (Like
>in "Goldeneye" Razor was bond, Callie was the girl, etc. <So I've
never seen
>this movie. Oh well.>) And then with "Waterworld" it was Sonic

I do that. Or I just stick them right in the story, alongside the
characters, making
jokes and dissing whatever seems odd in the movie or show. I call the
who do this 'parodies.' For SWAT Kats, whenever I watch, Underdog is
in my head. Parodies don't disrupt the basic plot of the story. If
the actually plot
is similar to a TV show, then I will think up a story involving the
kats if I really
want to. I saw some of Tuskedy Airmen (sp?) on HBO and I pretended it
was Jake
and Chance going through enforcer Academy. But most of the time I use

>BTW, any new stories? I've got a three-day weekend here and nothing
to do....
>Are there any "Hanna-Barbera" stores? (Hey, it could happen! In the
>Creek Mall, there's a Disney Store, a Warner Bros. store, a store
for 'c'
>cat lovers... (sadly, no kats in the cats store. :{ )

Yup! My LONG fanfic, Children of the Stone, was JUST sent to,
but it'll
probably take a few days to get up. I hope you guys enjoy it!

>Terra Chang,
>fan of a buncha stuff,
>nice person (really, I am! Most of the time!)
>totally crazy.

BTW, did you mail that copy of your friend's Razor's Nemisis? Just
to know if I should be watching for it 'cause the mail system over
is all screwed up sometimes.

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