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On 2/16/96 at 4:24 PM, Kay Chang wrote:
>(Like in "Goldeneye" Razor was bond, Callie was the girl, etc.)

Hmm... "My name is Bond. Jake Bond." I *guess* it works. <grin>

>Are there any "Hanna-Barbera" stores? (Hey, it could happen! In the Barton
>Creek Mall, there's a Disney Store, a Warner Bros. store, a store for 'c'
>cat lovers... (sadly, no kats in the cats store. :{ )

I don't know of any H-B stores per se; however, I *do* know of an animation
store in the Santa Monica area in West L.A. (I believe its name is "Vintage
Animation"). The last time I checked the store (about a couple of weeks
ago), I saw animation cels of several of the older H-B characters (i.e.,
Snagglepuss, Yogi Bear, the Jetsons, etc.), but sadly, no cels of the Kats.
(Not that I'd have been able to afford any on my income, which is
currently nonexistent. :-P)

Sometimes I wonder which is more difficult to locate: Kat stuff (other
than the action figures or videos) or fox stuff. (Been trying to locate
the latter with a friend and that stuff tends to be a very rare commodity,
although you *do* manage to find 'em in antiques stores. But I digress...)

Speaking of antiques stores... a few weeks ago I visited a few antiques
stores and found some really old toys (was tempted to play with 'em, but
never did ;-). What's this got to do with the Kats? Well, simply put:
maybe in a few years the Kat stuff will make its way there. (Hey, ya never

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