H-B stores???

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 19:40:51 -0800

>BTW, any new stories? I've got a three-day weekend here and nothing to do....
>Are there any "Hanna-Barbera" stores? (Hey, it could happen! In the Barton
>Creek Mall, there's a Disney Store, a Warner Bros. store, a store for 'c'
>cat lovers... (sadly, no kats in the cats store. :{ )

I've got this full unused kats-script to bang in, but it's forty pages of screenplay
(tough enough to transcribe on the best of days), and I don't think my fingers
are insured for enough. I'll try do it on the weekend - I'm too broke to go
anywhere and it's raining Kats and Dogs.

H-B supposedly has a couple of retail stores along the lines of the WBSS and
the, *gulp* "Disney Store". Any of our Kats found them in their particular

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