Re: Kitty litter...

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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 15:27:21 -0500

>>I'm referring to the scene where
>>Manx is turning on the shower & the ooze comes out.

>That's the scene before we saw a kat stuck in a car - drowning.

Do you mean Callie? I don't remember any other kats drowning (unless you
count the homeless kat in the beginning, but you don't really see him

> I think
>that this is an alternative option instead of putting a cat in a bag and
>then throwing the bag into a liquid enviroment. Of course criminals do this
>all the time.
Cats (as in actual real-life housecats) swim, so you have to put them in a
bag before throwing them into a liquid enviornment. (just some useless
information in case you didn't know already)

BTW- How many of you out there are blessed with the joys of having an actual
Cat? :-)

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