Re: Civilization

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 07:58:37 +0700

>>I'm always curiuos on the kats attitude, we know that they are civilized
>>beings now, but do they still maintains their cat like behaviour after they
>>have been civilized?
>What does it mean to be civilized? Do we judge the Kats civilization by
>our standards?

Well, since that the only civilization that we know is human civilization
(Since that we haven't any formal contacts with other civilization outside
ours.), so I may say that we sorta judge their civilization by our
standards (Of course since that the kats civilization is based on ours, I
guess that humans and kats are in the same position.). But I say that when
animal grouped, build a community (Not shopping mall.) and began to develop
some sort of languange, I called that civilized.

>There may be events or habits in the Kats' world that we would find
>totally disgusting, but they would consider >ordinary or common place.

This is why I ask the question, do they still have cat habits? what is
ordinary to them and not ordinary to us?

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