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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 02:53:02 -0800

Thanks to a hard disk crash, I've lost all my email since Saturday (and I
haven't had a chance -- pardon the unintentional pun -- to download the
recent archives from the list), but I'll comment on some of the digests
I've seen since then:

How independent is Razor? Well, as was stated, he can pilot the Turbokat
on his own if need be (cf. "Mutation City"), although running out of fuel
in mid-flight didn't exactly help. He's also good at piloting the
Cyclotron Missile, and note that the secret files say that the pilot rating
required for it is 'expert'. He may have nearly run over a few Kats
(particularly in the ep "The Giant Bacteria"), but consider the
circumstances: he's trying to find the closest exit to a subway to rejoin
his partner so they can find and take care of the remaining bacteria. (Am
I just making excuses to defend my favorite Kat here? ;-) Besides,
T-Bone's driving, particularly those "shortcuts," leave a bit to be
desired, don't you think? <grin>

On Dark Kat being Feral's brother and Felina's father: what do you think
this is, Star Wars? ;-) But seriously... I don't think Feral would have
commented the way he did in "A Bright And Shiny Future" if that had been
the case: "I oughta throw [Felina] off the force... but my brother would
never speak to me again... and besides, she's too good an Enforcer!"

Simon sez (I know, it's a bad pun, but... ;-)
>Maybe Razor was licking his wounds or something before the ep ... he seems
>to get bumped around a lot more than T-Bone :)

No kidding. If Kats *do* lick themselves in response to stress, then why
doesn't Razor get hairballs/furballs more often? <g> Incidentally, that
comment reminds me of the title of a poem written by Paul Gallico called
"When In Doubt -- Wash." It's been said to apply to cats since they
frequently groom themselves (unfortunately, I can't remember the poem right
now -- it's been a while since I've read it).

In any case, that's it for now. TTFN -- Ta Ta For Now...

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