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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 03:09:32 +0700

>Thanks to a hard disk crash, I've lost all my email since Saturday (and I
>haven't had a chance -- pardon the unintentional pun -- to download the
>recent archives from the list),

Saturday?? Saturday when? There is plenty of Saturday.

>but I'll comment on some of the digests I've seen since then:
>How independent is Razor?

I think that he can do what ever it takes when ever the situation need him
to do so.

>On Dark Kat being Feral's brother and Felina's father: what do you think
>this is, Star Wars? ;-)

I think that I just hear the "Imperial March". :-) I always wonder how do
T-Bone and Razor handle an A-Wing. :-)

"Use the force Jake!" :-)

Fanfic idea: Have you guys ever think a full scale alien invasion on the
kat planet?

Possible attack on the kat planet by the empire:

A fleet of Star Destroyers are entering a planet orbit, they are on their
attack position. Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyers.

"Lord Vader, Our fleet has arrived on the planet orbit.".

"Good..., launch all the fighters, the Rebels are hiding on this planet.
Find them..."

"Yes My lord..."

All the TIE fighters are launching from all the Star Destroyers, their
target.....MegaKat city. Well, with some other cities included too. The
empire has got some anonymous tip that some Rebels are hiding on the kat
planet, a special kind of Rebel.

Well, I do have to pratice writing a story, don't I? :-)

A plot twist: Have you guys ever think that Jake (Or Chance.) and Callie
(Well, Felina already got Dark Kat. :-)) were brother and sister? :-) Well,
at least has some family relation.

>But seriously... I don't think Feral would have
>commented the way he did in "A Bright And Shiny Future" if that had been
>the case: "I oughta throw [Felina] off the force... but my brother would
>never speak to me again... and besides, she's too good an Enforcer!"

I think that Feral doesn't want her to get hurt or anything. So if she
leave the Enforcer, Feral will be a happy kat indeed.

>Simon sez (I know, it's a bad pun, but... ;-)
>>Maybe Razor was licking his wounds or something before the ep ... he seems
>>to get bumped around a lot more than T-Bone :)

razor wrote:
>No kidding. If Kats *do* lick themselves in response to stress, then why
>doesn't Razor get hairballs/furballs more often? <g>

Maybe he has some hairball eliminator, it was mention in "Razor's Edge".

BTW, do the kats still lick each other?

>In any case, that's it for now. TTFN -- Ta Ta For Now...
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