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>(What am I doing up at this hour?! Good question... and no, I don't have
>a good answer. In any event...)
>Why might the second-season SK animation be better than the first-season
>animation? I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, but I'm very much
>tempted to say that at least one of the reasons is that Callie's drawn with
>much more curves than in the first season.


BTW, I think that the second-season animation was great on the action
scenes (Like on how the TurboKat fly, the explosion, etc.). Ann Gora and
Dr.Sinian look much better too in the second season episodes. The only
problem is, if Steel do comeback in the third season episode (Assuming that
there is gonna be a third season and Steel is allowed to comeback.), do he
still maintain his fox like look?

>Compare her, *ahem*...
>bustline between the first and second seasons, and you'll see what I mean.

Don't know, I actualy like on how she was drawen on some of the first
season episodes, except the drawing of Callista, although that in "The
Deadly Pyramid", Callista's drawings in the flashback scene (Or drawback,
since that the whole scene is a complete re-draw. :-) So I guess that Mook
really done their job on Callista.) is much better than the real thing (The
Pastmaster seem to have a great imagination on Callista.). Callie's drawing
on "Mutation City" was good too, although that her neck seem to be strange
at "Mutation City".

BTW, it's kinda hard to comment on her drawing in the second season
episodes, want to know the reason?

>Edo commented on how Felina might have been the main reason the
>second-season SK episodes were better than the first-season eps.

Well, it was DJ who said that, I just said that some of the early second
season episodes really incorporated Felina's role into the SwatKats
universe. I think that some of that episodes is "Mutation City", "A Bright
and Shiny Future", "When Strikes Mutilor", "Cry Turmoil", and "SWAT Kats

>Interestingly enough, when I commented on the show on rec.arts.animation
>over a year ago (and at the time I was *really* lucky if I received even
>one response, either through a followup or in personal email), someone else
>commented that they didn't like Felina.

Maybe because Felina seem to look like a mother, and somehow mother seem to
be... Er, you decide.

>She was too "PC" for their taste
>(and I assume that this comment referred to Felina as being a strong female
>lead -- not your stereotypical helpless female).

"PC"??? how come Felina become too "PC"? We all will become helpless if the
situation make us helpless.

>Edo wrote:
>> The question is the reason on why they are going to be in the antique
>> stores, are those kats stuff are going to be antique stuff (Collectibles
>> stuff.)? or is it that the kats stuff is going to be a very very rare
>> commodity (The last one on Earth.)?

razor wrote:
>I was thinking more along the lines that Kat stuff could become collectible

I just hope that is the reason the kats stuff ended up in the antique
stores, and not because that the kats stuff aren't being produced anymore.

>In the antique stores I've seen very old toys that I used to play
>with while growing up in the disco era (i.e., the 70s). But they could
>also be rare (as it is, I believe the SK poster and SNES game are difficult
>to track down, for example). And keep in mind that the poster and game
>only came out within the past year!

Uh-oh, it's happening. The end is near. Er, why do I suddenly becoming just
like Doomsday?

>How valuable might these become? I personally don't know, but there's no
>way I'm planning on parting with the SK merchandise *I* have. <grin>

I don't think that anybody will. :-)

>And another idle early-morning thought: what do you think might go into a
>Kat time capsule? I'm assuming that Megakat City is based on current times
>(i.e., the 90s) here.

Well, MegaKat seem to be stuck in a time warp. Their cars look something
from the past, their Enforcer jets look like a jet from 60's-70's, the
TurboKat look like a F-14 Tomcat, the commercial airliner that Turmoil
disable look like a XB-70 Valkrye (Well, the only other plane that I can
compare too is probaly the new "Quester" plane.), a F-16 aircraft look
alike in "The Ghost Pilot", a stealth craft does exist, etc.

Here what I think that supposed to go in the capsule:

1. The latest edition of Kat Kommandos comic.
2. A tape of Kateyes News.
3. A tape of Scaredy Kat.
3. A magazine. (Fanfic all you want on the contains of that magazine.)
4. Commander Feral's report on how do the Enforcer really work.
5. A SWAT Kats log book. (So that future protector of MegaKat city will
know on how to fight an enemy.)
6. A Glovatrix.
7. A history book that is written by Dr.Sinian.
8. A transcript of Mayor Manx speeches. (All the speeches, both the
original ones and the ones that was ghost writed.)
9. A picture of all the SWAT Kats characters. (Including the bad guys.)
10. A calendar that always stuck in "July". :-)

Well, that is only some that I can think of right now, does anybody here
want to add?

>-- Dana, who really thinks he oughta take a Katnap right about... now...

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