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>>BTW, is anyone done with their fanfic? I haven't seen a new one
>>since well before New Years. Mine will be out within the next
Get it in soon! I'm getting tired of reading my own stuff!
>Have you checked out Ryan's "Midnight Magic" part 9, a, and b? These three
>came out after the New Year. And I think that I also saw Ryan's "Dark Ages"
You mean my Tribute to <gag!> Ted Turner didn't make it? Well, I expected
this. It's really true to life, and Ted dosn't like true to life (prevoius
statement null and void when Ted puts SWAT Kats back into production!!)
>Well, mine is still in writing (Although I doubt that even one of my fanfic
>will ever been seen by anyone else but me, since that I'm still stuck at
>chapter two in my first story.).
I can relate. Battle One Grey and Two Blue, that I'm writing is still with
the unfinished eps, in limbo!
>To Ratman:
>I try to download Ryan's "Dark Ages" from, but my permission to ftp
>it is denied by the server. How do I download it from
I get that too. Usually, when I change to a different server, It heals
itself, but I don't worry because the only new stuff is what I wrote, other
than Terra. She and I seem to do all the fanfics. Mabye because we have SWAT
Kats on the brain (after all, I do think about them all hours of the day.
Yes, they're appearing in my dreams now, too!!)

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