Re: Cartoon Network Eps.

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 19:15:15 -0800

>Looking at the episode list, CTN is getting close to the end of the series
>again. Does anyone know if they will be starting over at the first episode?
>I'd like to tape them in something close to the right order, and wondered
>what day I should have a blank tape handy.
You should start taping now, then when the series starts over yet again
(hopefully), with "Giant Bacteria", then start taping, Right now, I have
three tapes, one ep is missing. It's the last one, the one that's not in the
episode list, or on any (I'm killing myself over this flaw in my
handiwork!!), and most I have more than once.
>Also, besides the address, is there anywhere else I can
>email a "Love the Kats- Please make more!" request where it might do some good?
Try Ted.Turner_at_Turner.??? So far, I have got no idea where else to try other
than Turner's Cruddy Network (TCN [Cartoon Network]). One more thing, don't
kill yourself if you don't get an ep. I do that by habbit, and hate every
minute of it, so don't put yourself through that trouble!!)
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