Re: "Parenthood"? Caution, spoilers!

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 16:58:00 +0700

>>Ok, since that DJ already mention about the Kats settling down, and
>>HarperJones mention about kids. Have you guys ever think about the Kats as
>>a parent?

Don't worry, I always read spoilers.

>As I mentioned before, I could never see Chance getting married,
>though I am now exploring the Felina/Chance angle. Still, I doubt
>they could ever have kids.

Why? I assume that they can be a great parent.

> In my story, it's an imperative that Jake does settle down,
>because he has to continue the line of mages he belongs to [spoiler].

What is "mages"?

>However, I can't really decide whether he should tell his son from
>the start he was a SWAT Kat or not.

Do it like this:

Jake always telling a fairy tale before his son goes to sleep, and that
fairy tale is about the SwatKats. Jake will tell the truth only if the
situation is going critical.

BTW, who is the mother? Of course unless his son is an adopted son.

>In the future, after Feral died they didn't have to work in the salvage
>yard anymore so he became a professor.

Well, they still have to pay the bill for one Enforcer building. How do
they pay "the bill"?

BTW DJ, a proffesor? how do he became a proffesor?

>Chance also dies before his son is born, so I thought about a
>story where Jake's son goes back in time (he IS a mage now)
>to find out what Chance was like.

What is a "mage"??? and on what way the son goes back in time?

> Dr. Jake

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