Re: Where and how to submit stories?

From: Ben Carter <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 20:34:24 GMT

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> My SK/Gargoyles ripoff story is nearly done, it should take a few
> more
> weeks. I was wondering just WHERE am I supposed to submit it,
> and how? Prodigy does not permit file attachments to members outside
> of its service. The whole thing (so far) has about 160 KB, and will
> probably
> gain about 20 more before the end. Is there a limit for the WEB page?
> What form do you need it to be in: .txt, .wri, or so on?

 Ack! Please take pity on us who dare to oppose Micro$oft! (that means text,

 Seriously, a *lot* of people can't read specific file formats such as .wri,
 so you are probably best posting it as plain ASCII.

   Ben Carter
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