Re: Origin of Dark Kat.

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 19:22:35 -0800

>>This really makes me wish they'd done an "Origin of Dark Kat" similar to the
>>Elrod Purvis/Dr. Viper story.
>A comic may explain little thing like this. Unfortunately there is no such
>thing as a "SwatKats comic" right now.

That's why fanfics are so improtant. Someone should write one. I would, but
I can't use this dang thing until next week, but mabye then I could.

>>One thing is for sure, he is certainly extrememly intelligent.
>But not a scientist (I don't think that he is a mad scientist.). So that
>mean that he has to have some help on building his instrument of

Yeah, something weird, and evil. Have you ever noticed he's so big compaired
to the rest of the Kats on the Kat Planet?
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