From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:18:04 +0700

>Weekends at 3PM EST????? at ?? is this okay?

Sure, it is just that I have to wake up at 3AM in the morning (In my local
time.). Of course I will wake up at that particular time in the next 30
days. So I guess it's okay with me.

>ok, here goes:
>M-Thurs : 7PM EST at
>Fri : 9PM EST at
>Sat&Sun : 3PM EST at (I'd make it 2:00EST, but SK is on!)

Does this mean that I have to be there in that particular time? or do I
have be there in the precise minutes?

>Anyone have a problem with this shedule?

No problemo. Fine with me. Does anybody here want to comment on A.J. schedule?

>If you don't know how to use irc, or don't know how to switch servers,
>e-mail me.

BTW A.J., could you please send me a list of IRC commands?

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