Re: Origin of Dark Kat.

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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 23:00:09 +0700

>>>But isn't Dark Kat a kat? Or is that a mask?
>>Personally, I think he's a kat, mutated by the Akira project
>This really makes me wish they'd done an "Origin of Dark Kat" similar to the
>Elrod Purvis/Dr. Viper story.

A comic may explain little thing like this. Unfortunately there is no such
thing as a "SwatKats comic" right now.

>One thing is for sure, he is certainly extrememly intelligent.

But not a scientist (I don't think that he is a mad scientist.). So that
mean that he has to have some help on building his instrument of

>It appears he has tons of engineering & physics
>knowledge as well as a lot of money to build all his robots/aircraft/bombs,
>etc. This leads to the question of where his HQ is

Here is some possiblities on where is his HQ:

1. He ain't fell safe just to stay in one place, so he always move his HQ
location around.
2. His HQ is an airborne HQ. (I do have a fanfic villain that has an
airborne HQ.)
3. His HQ probaly on some strange secret place. (I always have the idea
that's it somewhere in the kat planet polar caps.)

>and what kind of help he has there. We know he has the creeplings
>working for him, but what kind of technical help could they provide.

I actualy have a fanfic company (In my fanfic story.) that is building all
the stuff that he need to conquer MegaKat city.

>He also had a bunch of ninjas working
>for him in "Razor's Edge", and they had to come from _somewhere_. Hmm...

Maybe those ninjas were hired mercenaries.

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