Re: Married?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 05:59:34 +0700

>>But Sinian is dedicating his whole life to science, beside, she is too old
>>for either Jake and Chance.
>But how do we know her age? It's one of those really unsolvable mysteries of
>the kat universe.

Yes, age is one of those mysterious thing in the kats universe.

>>Callie Briggs: Megawar 3 would happen if she _do_ get marry.
>Too true. ;)

That's why she must _not_ marry someone.

>>Jake Clawson: Nice guy, but not the type that a girl would marry to,
>>beside, his best companion in life is T-Bone, Chance, and Razor.
>See my comment on a certain Courtney Farris at the top of this reply.

Well, but will she marry him? if she do, then if you find a portal that
lead directly to MegaKat city, don't tell her BTW, also don't tell me too,
I probaly will go through the portal.

>>Chance Furlong: Not a girl in her right mind would marry him, beside, his
>>best companion in life is Razor, Jake, and T-Bone.
>Sounds like me, except I'm a girl and I don't have Jake/Razor.

Sound like some people in this list.

>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,

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