Re: Crazy email address.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 05:59:29 +0700

>>Since that the idea of a computer network is good one, how about giving
>>them an email address that is according to their position?
>Looks like fun!

It is fun. BTW, does anybody here want to make a fanfic story about MegaNet?

>You may also want one like, yours
>being his "personal" address and mine being more "official".

Yes, they should have a seperate account for official mail and private
mail, so that each mail will go to each address.

>You would likely also need, a general
>address for the Enforcers.

They probaly view their mail on an Enforcer public computer terminal. Hmmm,
I wonder if the Enforcer has a main computer somewhere inside their HQ.

>And you forgot Callie!

I leave her email address from this thread on purpose, could you imagine
how many email that she will get if her email address was reveal to the

>Would junkyard workers really need E-mail?

Well, Jake maybe want one. ;)

>They'd need to keep their identities better hidden than that,

Yes, their privacy should remain a secret, unless the SwatKats suddenly can
hack the net, or they have some way of having a secret account.

>and a more "respectable provider like might not give them the
>privacy they need. "kol" is of course Kats Online :)

Hey, putting a kat name for a network provider is fun too, good idea Ed. :)

>>konway_at_biochemical.megakat.??? (We musn't forget Konway of course.)
> MegaKat Biochemical would likely be their
>own provider.

The position of MegaKat Biochemical is always puzzle me, does it belong to
the goverment or a private party?

>>agora_at_????? (I forgot on what network does she work for.)
> Again, most news agencies are their own

I always want to ask this to the list (Since the first day I saw Katseye.),
does Katseye is a local news agency?


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